Pamukkale from Antalya

Pamukkale is a unique nature reserve that will give you a real pleasure from exploring the magnificent landscapes.

Pamukkale is a well–known thermal spring in Turkey, which means "cotton castle" in Russian. There are about 17 geothermal baths on its territory, in which the water temperature ranges from 35 to 100 degrees.
Cleopatra's rejuvenating pool Cleopatra's Pool is known far beyond both Turkey and Pamukkale. It's all about its name. They say that once the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra bathed here, who even in the days of ancient Egypt came to the thermal springs to recover and rejuvenate.

The theater in Pamukkale attracts the attention of all tourists arriving on excursions in Pamukkale from the southern entrance. Guests can enjoy a stunning view of this massive structure. Thanks to the efforts of Italian and Turkish archaeologists, the theater in Pamukkale is considered the most beautiful and best preserved theater on the territory

In the III century, a temple to the god Apollo was erected on the territory of the city of Hierapolis (Hierapolis). It was the largest temple on the territory of the polis. However, even the divine temple could not resist the elements, and was destroyed by an earthquake that occurred according to legend during the execution of the Apostle Philip, but more on that later. Currently, only a wide multi-stage staircase leading to the foot of the temple and a platform in front of the building surrounded by a protective wall remain from the majestic temple.

✓ Collection of tourists from hotels by region
✓ Stop for breakfast
✓ Shopping visits
✓ Visit to the wine cellar
✓ Onyx Store
✓ Arrival in Pamukkale.
✓ Guide's story about Pamukkale and the ancient theater.
✓ Free time to visit the ancient Pamukkale Theater and swim in the pool
✓ Cleopatra
✓ Return to hotels
Departure point : From your hotel or residential address 5:00

Return time : 20:00

Included in the price

Transfer from / to the hotel 


Guide services 




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Ticket to Cleopatra's pool (optional) 

Entrance ticket to the Karakhait hot spring (optional) 

All drinks 

Entrance ticket to Pamukkale (an additional 400 TL is required to be paid) 


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