Excursion to Cappadocia from Kemer

Excursion to Cappadocia from Kemer is a two-day group tour with a guide. This is one of the most interesting excursions in Kemer, the main purpose of which is to visit the national park with incredibly beautiful nature and amazing formations of tuff and basalt. During the trip you will get acquainted with the ancient stone city built on the site of the eruption of three volcanoes, where houses, chapels and even churches are located in stone caves.
But the most unusual impression of Cappadocia, which tourists are going to get, is the meeting of dawn on one of the huge balloons that rise daily into the sky over its valleys.

Children from 3-12 years old get a 50% discount from the price
from 0-2,99 years old for free
The first populations of the region of Cappadocia were Hatties, Luvies and Hittites. In the 3000-2000 years B.C. the Assyrians have established trade colonies in this region. The Cappaddocian tables with cuneiform in Assyrian language founded at Kanes which are lighting the social and politic life of the period and were in the same time the trade and economical agreements are the firs written tablets of Anatolia.  According to these documents in that period in Anatolia were founded small local kingdoms non-depending from a central authority. These had in generally in their hands a little area and were living in peace. The region creating the core of the Hittite Empire later has go under the domination of Phrigia and Pers. The Pers civilization has called this region Katpatuka and its center was Mazaka. When Datames the Satrab (Starab: little district administrator at Pers) of Cappadocia has bear arms against the biggest king of Pers, the other Anatolian Satrabs have been supported him but the revolt has been raided. In 33 b.c. the Big Alexander has captured a big part of Cappadocia. In 188 B.C. The Cappadocia which entered under the Roman domination has been captured in 100 B.C. by the Mithridatesd the king of Pontus but in 63 B.C. Pompeius has defeated Mithridates and took again the Cappadocia under the domination of Rome. In the period of Tiberius the Cappadocia gainded the status of Roman district.

Day one:

Transfer of guests from hotels

First stop for breakfast 

Excursion to the underground city of Saratli.

Lunch (optional)

Visit Ortahisar (fortress)

Panoramic stop in Love Valley

Visit to the rock city of Chavushin +Church of St.John the Baptist

Visit to the Derwent Valley (Valley of Fantasy)

Red valley Kyzylchukur - walk, photo

Check-in at the hotel (4*).

Dinner at the hotel.

Performance "Turkish Night" (optional 25 €).



Day Two:

A trip to the balloon parade early in the morning.

Hot air balloon flight over cosmic landscapes (1 hour, optional).

Breakfast and check-out from the hotel.

Visit to the stone center of Anatolia 

A walk through the valley of Pigeons, time for a photo.

Visit Uchisar (fortress)

Visit to the silk leather studio

Lunch at the restaurant (optional).

Check out and return to the hotel.


Days of the tour: Monday, Thursday, Saturday.Sunday

 Travel time 04:00 - 20:00



The price of the tour includes 

-Accommodation in a hotel for 1 night (for a separate room - 10 €) 

-1 night in a hotel 

-Professional guide (in English, Russian and Polish) 

-Breakfast at the hotel (1st day and 2nd day) 

-Entrance ticket to the Underground City 

-Insurance during the tour 

-Air-conditioned bus 



   The tour price does NOT include 

-Lunch at the restaurant (1st and 2nd day) 

-Dinner at the hotel (1st day) 

-Any personal expenses 

-Turkish night in Cappadocia (optional 25 USD).

-Hot air balloon flight (optional 260 USD).

-All drinks during the tour 

-Any personal expenses




Put on comfortable shoes, warmer clothes for the morning, water. 


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