Manavgat river

  • 24 October
Manavgat river
The Manavgat river, formerly known as Melas, is a river that rises in the Taurus and flows from Antalya to the Mediterranean. The river, which is about 93 km long, is one of the longest underground waters in the world.

The largest source of the river is the Smoky Spring. There are two dams on it, namely Oymapınar and Manavgat. Rich in minerals, Manavgat River has peaceful turquoise blue and green waters.
Manavgat River is a touristic place where local and foreign tourists coming to the Mediterranean draw great interest. It is a magnificent tea with abundant and lush flow of water, which is preferred especially for rafting lovers. There are many types of activities you can do around the river as well. You can do trekking, mountain biking and paragliding around İrbadı and Ormana which are the settlement centers.


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