The Lycian Way

  • 24 October
The Lycian Way
 It is a historical route that takes its name from the Lycians and is one of the longest walking routes in the world. The route, which starts from Fethiye district, ends in Antalya as a result of approximately 535 km of track.

The Lycian Way is an important center of our country in terms of tourism. The Lycian road, which hosts nearly 30 thousand tourists every year, is very rich in cultural terms. It is possible to return to the past and experience the history on this route, which includes more than twenty ancient cities.
The course does not only go from the shore, but also climb to the slopes in places and go down to the beaches and ports. The Lycian Way, which is dominated by the Mediterranean climate, has a convenient location to go almost every month of the year.
You can walk the entire walking route with 25-40 days according to the performance. You can take advantage of many natural camping areas and camping facilities to stay during this period. You can especially prefer the campings in Olympos, Kabak Bay, Padara Özlen Tea, Göynük, Andriake, Hot Peninsula, and Çıralı regions.


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